At AFC Burnden Park, our number one concern is the safety and welfare of your child who plays for the club. All our coaching staff have a valid CRC check, FA approved emergency aid qualification and have attended the FA Safeguarding Children workshop. These are updated and refreshed periodically in line with FA guidelines.

The Club’s Child Welfare Officer is:

Rebecca White
Contact number: 07852 276328
Email address:

If you have any concerns about the welfare of any child at the club please contact Rebecca. If Rebecca is unavailable there are listed below some alternative contact details from the Community Partnership, Salford League, Greater Manchester FA and Lancashire FA. Any member of the club’s committee are available to discuss issues and concerns you may have – Reporting Safeguarding issues – FA guidance

Community Partnership Child Welfare Officer

Angela Hardman
Contact number: 07864642518
Email address:

Greater Manchester FA Child Welfare Officer

Lauren McCorry
Designated Safeguarding Officer
Contact number: 0161 225 1966

Lancashire FA Child Welfare Officer

Neil Yates
Contact number: 01772 624000
Email address:

Useful links

ThinkUKNow –

Thinkuknow is the education programme from NCA-CEOP, a UK organisation which protects children both online and offline.


0808 800 5000

Childline –

0800 1111

FA Safeguarding – Guidance for staying safe online

In an emergency child welfare situation we would encourage you to contact the police.

GDPR & Data

When you become a member of the Club, your child will also automatically be registered as a member of AFC Burnden Park and will be registered in an associated league i.e. Bolton Bury District Football League. We will provide the respective League with your child’s details for proof of age and identity. If you have any questions about the continuing privacy of your personal data when it is shared with the respective League, please contact Rebecca White.

The Club does not supply any personal data it holds for this purpose to any other third party. The Club does not store or transfer your personal data outside of the UK.

AFC Burnden Park is fully committed to keeping personal data safe.